January 2021 Newsletter

January 4, 2021

We know we're just at the beginning of Q2, but with the industry showing out as it is, we are anticipating a spring full of aftermarket needs which in turn requires technicians.

Recruitment marketing can be tricky. Your Human Resources department is probably working hard around the clock to find the right guys to fill the positions, but with the virus still keeping most in-person activities virtual, it's difficult to impossible to get recruiters inside high schools and job fairs.


Q1, for many dealers, was filled with unknowns regarding how consumers would behave during a period of time that has traditionally seen decreased sales volumes. To add to the unknowns, throw in coronavirus, a presidential election and widespread inventory concerns.

Luckily, the commercial and residential ag sectors have been resilient - showing growth in many key areas and categories.

After mapping three years of AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) <40HP tractor data, we can see November and December of Q1 have seen the same steady YoY volume increase that has taken hold since the beginning of the pandemic.

For many dealers, this industry growth led to increased Market Share in key HP categories in both months.

In addition to YoY growth of small tractor sales, we are also seeing a trend towards larger tractor HP classes like 60 < 70, 70 < 80 and 80 < 90. Of the dealers sampled, 60 < 100 HP classes saw an average YoY unit sales increase of 65%.
This is a great time to speak with your Relationship Manager about if this trend towards larger HP categories is affecting your dealer group, and how you can capitalize on the demand.
Written by Alex Hanes
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