Employee Spotlight: Mary Craig

November 9, 2021

People don't work with companies. They work with other people. So we've reserved a spot on The Hub to give you a chance to know our people. Let's start with Mary. 

Full Name: Mary Craig

Job Title: Co-Op Specialist

Start Date at SI EQ: Aug 20, 2020

1. What does a typical day look like in your career? 
A typical day for me looks like sitting in front of a computer in my home-office working away on our client's Co-Op.  I am so fortunate to be able to work from home.  My main job during my work day is making sure I have all documentation for claims for each one of our clients.  That involves hunting and gathering! I always try my hardest to stay ahead and have the claims prepared. I do not want them to have to wait on me to have these claims ready to go! Beyond the claim compiles, I work with our AEs on budgets, budget trackers to keep each client on task with their Co-Op spend...and occasionally I get asked to help with creative or work on proofing websites.  I actually like to switch my brain to creative every now and again.

2. What about your career gives you joy? 
Where do I start?  I actually get much joy from all aspects of my job.  I can actually really say that.  From the company I have the pleasure of working doing the little and big tasks in front of me each and every day.  I had the pleasure of working with SI EQ as a client before I came to work here.  I knew the quality of work and the quality of people behind that work...and I knew one day I wanted to be a part of the company.  When I saw my job position open last year...I ran to apply.  I wanted to work here!  If I didn't know better, I would have thought this position was created just for me.  It is a perfect match!

3. What is your favorite tradition with your family? 

Family is ALL important to me.  I have been married for 37 years, I have 4 grown children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great grands too!  All of that, and I am only 29 years old!  If you believe that, I do have some land that is for sale.  Our biggest traditions are holidays.  It is my favorite time of year. When we get together it is always so much fun.  We really enjoy each other.  If an outsider were to come for one of these holiday gatherings, they might be overwhelmed if they are not used to a big family.  My fireplace mantle at Christmas is so full...people can't believe that many people are here on Christmas morning.  Spending time...any time, holiday or not, creating memories is my favorite tradition. 

4. Why did you choose to work in agriculture? 
I am a city girl planted in the south because my husband was transferred just months after we were married. I was a fish out of water.  We laugh at all that now, because living in the south is the best thing that happened to us.  The two main reasons I was brought to this position company and two-Co-Op!  If you know SI EQ, you already know the company and why people are drawn to work here...and stay long-term, but the love for Co-Op is rare.  That's why when I saw a "Co-Op" position, I knew I wanted it.  My career in Marketing for over 30 years all involved Co-Op in some way.  I have never worked with Co-Op in agriculture, but it couldn't be far off what I was used to in the automotive industry.  I am always looking to grow and do things I have not done before, so this was a perfect fit!  My boss calls me a unicorn in the Co-Op industry. I don't know if that is because she sees a horn on my head, or the rare love for Co-Op.  

5. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Any kind of pasta would be my meal I would eat for the rest of my life.  Hopefully the carb count would not count in this scenario.

6. What experience/skill set do you bring to the table?
My experience in Marketing in several positions brought that experience to the table when I started at SI EQ.  Most of my co-workers are younger than myself and I love that.  They have such a fresh perspective on things, smarter than all get-out and just a joy to work with.  I am not just saying one or two is the WHOLE team!  And sometimes I get to bring my experience and perspective to the table and that is fun too!  When co-workers learn and grow from each other and welcome others' perspectives and expand on that...not only is it great for the company, it is great for yourself too!  I learn and grow each day with this team.  

7. What brands are you watching out for as key or innovative marketing players?
When I watch commercials of any kind,all I see is if it looks compliant for the brand and if I could co-op it!  I know, I am weird...but that is all I look for!  

8. What part of your morning routine motivates you?

I love mornings!  Again, might be rare, but I do.  The best parts of my morning routine are my commute and coffee!  My commute takes less than a minute to navigate my fur babies laying on the living room floor when I walk through to my home office.  My coffee is still hot when I arrive.  I sip my coffee and sort through emails to plan the day.  My favorite parts!  

9. What is your favorite travel destination or vacation and why?
Anywhere my family will be!  Beaches are the most fun.  Somewhere to hear the waves and create those family memories. 

10. Top 5 favorite shows to binge-watch and corresponding snack choices.
Your Honor

Prison Break
Queen of the South

The Voice

Sweet tea and either chips or popcorn with each!

Don't judge!

11. Favorite equipment-related, ag-related or outdoor-related memory.
Fall hayrides!  My uncle owned a farm just outside of St Louis where I am from.  It was rare I actually got to see a farm when I was growing up.  He had plenty of animals and raised corn and many other things. I just remember the corn.  Our extended family always got together in October and my uncle Tony always has his tractor and tailor ready for hay rides for all of us.  Bonfire and s'mores.  Best memories growing up!


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