AdWorld Lessons Learned: Part III The Customer Experience

December 29, 2021


Join Alex Hanes, VP and Managing Director of SI EQ, and SI EQ teammates Nik Hiles and Lexie Lybrand about the changes in the customer experience in 2022.

Continuing education in marketing AND agriculture is mandatory at SI EQ and team members look forward to strengthening the skills of the topics they are most passionate about.

Nik and Lexie discuss what has changed in the customer experience and what consumers expect from their marketing and shopping experience now. 


- What is a marketer led experience vs a customer led experience?

- Convenience is led by speed and relevance. What are some examples of how to accomplish that?

- How do we shift the focus from acquisition to retention and loyalty? 

- How do we balance the convenience of using digital tools with the need to keep our brand human?

Part I: What is AdWorld?

Part II: What Will Happen with the Loss of Cookies? (Interruptive vs Permission Marketing)

Part III: What Are the Expectations for a Customer Experience? (Personalization vs Convenience Marketing)

Coming Soon: Part IV: What Questions Should Marketers and Brands Be Asking Themselves Now To Find Success in the Future?

Coming Soon: Part V: What Role Does An Online Community Play in Purchase Behavior? What Experience Should We Be Giving a First-Time Buyer vs a Repeat Customer?



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