Exclusive data targeting for the AGRICULTURE & EQUIPMENT INDUSTRY

SI EQ - powered by Team SI - is a full-service ag marketing agency completely dedicated to blazing the trails of innovation in the equipment + agriculture industry across North America. Since 2010, we have been partnering with equipment dealers to outpace the industry and stay on top.

Where We Plant Our Flag

One of the first questions we ask clients who want to partner with an ag marketing agency is "how are you different from the competition?" Because knowing that and creating a campaign around it is essential to breaking through the clutter. And what we expect from our clients, we expect from ourselves. So, where do we plant our flag?

Innovation - We have been the first on the scene for many equipment and ag marketing trends - especially in the marketing automation world - like creating the link between MachineFinderPro and Facebook Marketplace.

Transparency - In our state-of-the-art reporting system, you get to see what we see. No data is held back, because you can learn as much from a failure as you can a success and we want you to have eyes on both.

Education - Seeing the data doesn't mean anything if you haven't been trained on how to read it. We host webinars, write newsletters, and hold one-on-one trainings to ensure you know what we know. And alongside that we have in-house educators from your side of the table with sheep and hay farmers, as well as equipment owners, on staff.

Relationship - We genuinely enjoy our clients. We celebrate and grieve your professional and personal wins and losses. We are constantly humbled by how much trust you put in us to ensure your success. 

History of SI EQ

Each one of these pages is a learned path in this industry. We take one idea, test it in the marketplace and then develop other needs in the space. When one of our customers is with us for years, that relationship expands into inventing the future. Come invent the future with us.