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Message from the Director of SI EQ, Alex Hanes:

Growing up learning how to live off the land in rural Mississippi, I have a deep appreciation for what owning a John Deere can mean - from enjoying the outdoors on a S100 to nurturing and protecting crops with a 412R. 

In the hiring process, our main goal is to find and cultivate a team whose sole purpose is to marry their knowledge and their passion for their clients’ work in order to result in a successful partnership between agency and dealer. 

We believe we’ve found that magical combination and we’d like you to meet them. 

Company Leaders

Tim Whitley, CEO and Founder

Tim founded SI EQ, a division of Team SI, in November 2015. While growing the auto industry digital market, he discovered the online journey for the ag customer. Since then he has been developing groundbreaking, innovative ways to disrupt the agriculture marketing industry. He brings to the table his insights from his work in broadcast TV coupled with his knack for predicting new digital trends while still keeping a pulse on the ins and outs of following human behavior in a retail environment.



Alex Hanes, SI EQ VP and Managing Director

Alex joined the SI EQ team in 2018. Prior to that, she held positions in agencies that honed her passion for the ag industry working on a influencer's farm and marketing seed companies from all over the world. Growing up hunting and learning how to live off the land in Mississippi, she feels lucky to have the opportunity to marry her love of outdoors and her passion for marketing by leading an agriculture focused marketing agency. Holding multiple marketing positions in SI EQ including Account Manager and Senior Account Executive before becoming VP and Managing Director, Alex has a passion for educating clients on how to read and turn data into actions that bring results. With that skill, she's solidified relationships with clients that go beyond zoom calls and sales. 


Co-Op Team

Our Co-Op department is an in-house team that’s created efficiencies between SIEQ’s account service, media, and accounting teams and has offered a unique knowledge base and value to our clients.

Byron Porchia

Byron Porchia


Mary Craig


Account Executives — Relationship and Project Managers

SI EQ’s account executives are with you throughout your marketing experience with our agency. From campaign ideation to inception, our marketing account executives are staying on top of every team who touches your brand and ensures that they are delivering a quality product.


Brendan Chalk


Amanda Young


Shaelyn Goecke

Shaelyn Goecke

Ali Fougerousse


Tori Weaver


Sofia Toledo

Nik Hiles


Ariela Faulkner

Ariela Faulkner


Content and Technical SEO Team 

Through high quality SEO landing pages, blog posts, onsite and backend website optimizations, SI EQ's content team is experienced in boosting search engine results. The content team creates on brand content that connects companies with existing and new customers. Whether it's through content creation, website optimizations, or reputation management, our team offers a wide variety of options for boosting your company's organic online presence.


Alli Perkins


Ife Sonekan

Kennadi Harris


Tyson Doll


Marketing Automation 

Passionate about automating (pretty much) anything, Lexie, our Automation Specialist, focuses her efforts on increasing efficiency and results for clients through innovative automation techniques and platforms. Certified in over 15 different automation programs, Lexie has a wide range of knowledge and experience to help solve difficult problems - from CRMs to inventory feeds to email marketing drip campaigns to chatbots.

Whether it's working with Facebook to become the first agency in the US to offer Facebook Marketplace for Agriculture, or increasing dealer close rates by 39% with omnichannel automation, our Lexie has a track record of success and innovation.


Lexie Lybrand


Digital Media Specialists

Michael Neumann

Michael Neumann


Image Coming Soon

Tyler Dolan


Rebekah Piper

Jeremy Parker

Jeremy Parker


Traditional Media Specialists

Patrick Pipkin


Tim Christy


Creative Team

Ashley Hughes

Ashley Hughes


Jacob Hall

Jacob Hall


Jennifer Bray

Jennifer Bray


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