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Reaching the aftermarket audience.

SI EQ’s Retention Ramp provides a mapped-out plan for equipment dealers to target their aftermarket consumers. Don’t let customers slip through the cracks!
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What You Get
  • Data-driven strategy to target aftermarket consumers
  • Personalized creative that addresses your consumers’ needs
Competitive Edge
  • Target a sector where most competitors are slacking
  • Increase your base of repeat customers

Do you have a strategy to target your aftermarket for repeat business?

Marketing plan to target aftermarket prospects

In the equipment industry, we know that the aftermarket game is a game of decay. Starting when a piece of equipment is no longer in warranty to when it is 15- to 20-years-old, equipment dealers may no longer see those customers as they choose to order their parts online and fix their equipment on their farms. However, we also know this is a multi-billion dollar industry that equipment dealers are missing out on.

That’s why we decided to invent “Retention Ramp” and provide a mapped-out plan for equipment dealers to target their aftermarket consumers.

Targeting different audiences with personalized marketing messages

Let’s say some of your consumers have a two- to five-year piece of equipment. With Retention Ramp, you have the ability to target only those people with display, video, social media, and email marketing campaigns. If they have owned a piece of equipment for 10 to 20 years, only those people will see a different message through your display, video, social media and email marketing campaigns.

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How Retention Ramp works

First, SI EQ creates a plan to optimize your dealer’s website to ensure the appropriate content is available for your aftermarket consumers. 

Then, we use your first-party data, the data your dealership uses to send direct mail pieces, to match your customer’s mailing addresses with their IP addresses. This allows SI EQ to target their smartphone, laptop, computer and TV with marketing messages.

Using this first-party data and our third-party data providers, SI EQ crafts compelling, relevant and personalized creative ads to reach the right customer with the right message at the right time and with the right frequency.

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Why Retention Ramp works

Optimized for ideal frequency, Retention Ramp ads run at a rate that ensures that your audience not only sees your ads but remembers them as well.

By deploying personalized ad creative, Retention Ramp meets the equipment owner where they are and speaks directly to the benefits of the dealership’s aftermarket support, making that equipment owner much more likely to become a lead for the dealership.

Retention Ramp inserts the dealership into the buying process of equipment owners who buy parts online and reinforces the message that the most reliable parts can only be purchased from a dealer.

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Building a base of repeat business

Retention Ramp gives your dealership a way to increase in the aftermarket space versus just sending your customers direct mail. We know if we can get them back in the aftermarket, the likelihood of them purchasing their next piece of equipment with your dealership increases incredibly.

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