About Us

Leading Marketing Agency in the Agriculture Industry

SI EQ, a division of Team SI, is the leading digital and traditional advertising agency focused on innovation within the agriculture space. Working exclusively with equipment dealerships and ag companies in over 500+ locations across North America, SI EQ specializes in delivering trail-blazing marketing to our clients in the agriculture and residential equipment industry.

We are not only committed to helping your dealership succeed with its marketing in the equipment industry, we want to position you as an expert with an innovative edge.

We analyze. We strategize. We optimize. And we never quit bringing you ideas to own your market. This approach has led us to craft award-winning websites, marketing campaigns and more for our clients.


"As of today, SI EQ has helped us reduce our used inventory by 40%.  This growth is continuing with this month having already sold 20% of what we started the month with."
- Equipment Dealer in Southern Region, July 2021


Because we consider ourselves partners and not another agency telling you what you should do, we educate you on all the expertise we have over the last eleven years of marketing in the ag space. You will know what we know. The partnership also means we are 100% invested in your success, so we don’t just stop at conversion data. We close the gap between marketing and sales with an ROI you can feel good about.



We are proud to have worked with and expanded upon our relationships with our long-lasting clients. When we partner together, we accomplish more. Come blaze the trails of innovation with us at SI EQ.

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