Asking if SI EQ knows the equipment industry is like asking KFC if they sell fried chicken. We’ve spent the last 10+ years (and more if you count growing up on farms) becoming an industry-leading agency for agricultural equipment dealers. Throughout this time, we’ve partnered with over 500 dealerships to grow Market Share, sell equipment, recruit technicians and drive measurable business results.

Innovators in the Equipment Space


Whether you look at our Used Equipment dynamic service, Market Share visualizer, or creative strategies - it’s clear that we are innovators in the equipment space. No matter the goal, from acquisitions to parts sales, SI EQ can partner with your dealer group or organization to meet your goals.

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 Introduction to SI EQ

SI EQ is a company with a proven track record and great reputation for providing our clients with actionable data and subsequent results. But a few agencies can say that. So we take it a step (or two) further. We plant our flag in transparency, continuing education for ourselves and our clients, ease and convenience of working with our account service team, and relationship development.

Check out our CEO, Tim Whitley, talking about the future of agricultural and residential equipment marketing in 2012. 

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