Specialty Crops and Horticulture

Utilization of 1st-party data is at the core of many of our strategies and tactics, and a combination of our proprietary tools and publicly-available information give us the ability to target crop-specific audiences with relevant messaging. Once your audience is identified, we then have a suite of dynamic and responsive advertising services that use machine learning and behavioral information to display incredibly relevant, targeted messaging to your audience.

We Know Farmers


If you’re looking for explosive growth through targeting a more qualified audience, pinpointing your messaging, or simply need a strategic partner - SI EQ has a breadth of in-house resources and over eleven years of agriculture marketing experience to help your organization reach their goals. 

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 Introduction to SI EQ

SI EQ is a company that's been blazing the trails of innovation in the agriculture and equipment industry for years. We have the farmers + the strategists working together in-house to create the perfect agricultural crop and horticultural marketing team. Our VP and Managing Director, Alex Hanes, brings her knowledge of working with Bonnie Seeds and Proven Winners to the table combined with 10th generation farmer-on-staff, Tori Weaver, and many others, we've created the perfect team + products to reach your goals. 

From ideation -> launch -> conversion -> purchase -> aftermarket, we have succeeded in outpacing the industry by being proactive in our plans and being passionate about the topic we are marketing. 

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