Who We Are SI EQ is a results-driven marketing agency blazing the trails of innovation in the equipment, solar, and ag industry.

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Ag, Solar, and Equipment Marketing Pioneers

SI EQ is the leading digital and traditional advertising agency focused on innovation within the agriculture and residential equipment space. With a deep understanding of relevant messaging, market-share and sales-based strategies, and in-house co-op pre-approvals and claims, we complete the sales journey from beginning to, well, the next beginning, because as we all know, innovation never sleeps.

TraDigitalâ„¢ Marketing Trailblazers

At SI EQ, we leverage our own marketing approach, a TraDigital™ approach, that interweaves traditional and digital media strategies to drive results for our partners. Since our inception, our TraDigital™ approach has kept us on the leading edge of marketing trends in the ag industry. We are innovators who understand more than just the customer’s journey - we also have marketing tools to help us predict and direct it. This has led to us being the first to implement many solutions that boost your marketing performance, such as:

  • Facebook Messenger Advertising
  • Ag Sales & Marketing Attribution
  • Marketing Automation Programs
  • Facebook Marketplace For Business
  • In-depth Market Share Analysis

Trusted Marketing Advisors

Our Account Services team not only understands what it takes to be competitive in the digital and traditional landscape, but we also have decades of experience utilizing this TraDigital™ marketing expertise in the agriculture industry. As our marketing partner, you define your goals and we create a custom, data-driven plan based to accomplish them.

Your data-driven plan would include:
  • Access to Market Share Analysts (with insights that have allowed us to outpace the industry in certain HP categories).
  • A digital-only, traditional-only, social-only, consulting-only partnership that works together for your goals
  • Access to a full service, in-house team, from strategy to creative to media placement to co-op claims
  • Access to a fully transparent, highly-rated, internationally recognized reporting software 24/7

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