January Nurture Updates

January 18, 2021

Welcome to Nurture Updates, a space for you to discover updates and new features to our tailored-to-the-ag-industry CRM tool.
I hope you find value in this content, and I am excited to share these new changes and updates with you.
If you are not a Nurture user, feel free to book a time with me here for a demo of the program.


Beta - Machine Learning

In January we began trialing a new way of mapping 3rd-party lead emails via machine learning. Instead of mapping only constant, static lead data we are now able to map fluid email fields.

Machine learning will drastically reduce the time it takes to map new lead platforms, reduce the data mapping error-rate as well as open up new opportunities for additional lead platforms in Nurture.

Beta - Cross-Platform Customer Match*

Another exciting new feature is the ability to implement cross-platform retargeting campaigns utilizing Nurture data. SI EQ now has the ability to send lead data to Google Ads & Facebook Ads after a lead has been entered into the Nurture sales pipeline. We can then retarget your in-market leads with Display, Search and Facebook advertising to reinforce their purchase intent.

*This feature has account pre-requisites, so a confirmation of your eligibility is required prior to implementation.

Beta - Customizable Contact Manager

A frequently-requested new feature is the customizable contact manager. This new feature allows your Nurture users to customize what they see in their contact manager.
Whether it's the Equipment Model, Preferred Dealership or the VIN#, your users are now able to include any custom or standard fields in their contact manager without having to click into the contact.
Not only that, but you are also able to search by any field in the contact search bar. Previously, contacts could only be located by their name or email address.

Try it out today by navigating to Contacts >Customizable Contact Manager



Written by Andrew Levenson
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