February 2021 Updates

February 8, 2021
When anyone asks me what differentiates us from other marketing agencies, I ask how long they have to chat. But if I had to pick just one - it'd be our history of blazing the trail of innovation in ag marketing. Some agencies can claim being first on the scene, but we'd rather invent the scene.

Back around this time last year, we met with most of you at JDUG and talked about the exciting new service SI EQ was offering - selling used equipment on Facebook Marketplace automatically through MachineFinder Pro. 

A few months later, when we got feedback from you on the quality of leads, we set up the Messenger chatbot to qualify leads before they reached the sales team. Now we're continuing to blaze the trail by taking the possibility of a used lead conversion further with Dynamic Retargeting.


We're incredibly excited to announce a new service exclusively for our Facebook Marketplace partners - On-Facebook Used Equipment Dynamic Advertising.

Through our connection with your used equipment inventory feed, SI EQ is now able to create dynamic single-image or carousel ads on Facebook. These ads dynamically advertise your used equipment inventory based on the behavioral, in-market, and previous browsing behaviors of your audience. Just like our Facebook Marketplace service, your inventory will automatically be removed from your advertising as inventory is sold.

Our new dynamic capabilities will allow you to promote your used inventory like never before across the Facebook platform and audience network. As mentioned above, this service requires you to already be a participant in our Facebook Marketplace for Business service.

If you would like a demo of our Marketplace service, click here to schedule a time.


Are you tired of hearing the word "E-commerce" yet?
E-commerce has emerged to be one of the largest shifts in the digital market from the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only has the number of purchases from E-commerce nearly quadrupled since COVID began, but the trend is predicted to maintain its growth pattern and double in size by 2023 (according to Emarketer).

We spoke to Farm Equipment Magazine a few weeks ago about the growth of e-commerce in the residential ag sector, and if you don't believe our predictions, check out what the Facebook Global Survey of Small Businesses has to say about it.

Prior to COVID-19, only 22% of surveyed agriculture SMBs were seeing sales from digital channels. Post/during-covid, 88% of surveyed agriculture SMBs were seeing sales from digital channels.

That is a 66% increase in sales from online channels - the largest net increase of any vertical surveyed by Facebook.

Written by Alex Hanes
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