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May 18, 2023

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In the first of what will become a recurring segment, I recently spoke with Shaelyn Goecke, a Senior Account Executive here at SI EQ. In conversation about workplace success–whether at the office or remotely–Shaelyn sees basic organizational skills as a foundation for continued success in project management and client relationships. We all know that it can be challenging to remain organized in the ever-changing landscape of marketing, so it’s essential not to overlook these basic, adaptable skills. 

Shaelyn’s Tips for Organization

SI EQ: What, for you, is a must-have in terms of staying organized in the workplace? 

Shaelyn Goecke: It’s actually quite simple: a To-Do list. Having one place to keep up with every task I have open is key to me being able to stay on track with everything that needs to be done for all of my clients.

SI EQ: How do you practice staying organized while planning and carrying out multiple ad campaigns? 

SG: One of the most useful tools I use for staying organized is a Google Sheet I set up to keep track of all the projects I am working on. My “To-Do” sheet is set up where I can break out the tasks by which client they are for, when they need to be done by, and what the status of each task is (e.g. “Need To Do,” “In Progress,” “On Hold”). Each client and status option are color coded for easy reference. In addition to having a To-Do sheet, each client has a Google Sheet set up where they track which ads are running, what days they stop and start, as well as all the assets needed to get ads running. 

SI EQ: And how do you see organization and detail orientation in day-to-day office work as applicable across the field of marketing?

"What Does This Look Like For You?"

For Shaelyn, detail orientation is the key to success in the marketing field. Like she said: it speaks for itself. No matter our level of productivity or success, we’re all susceptible to human error and forgetfulness. So, whether your “To-Do” list is physical and hand-written or simply a list of reminders on your desktop, a checklist will help to seal the gaps of error and greatly benefit your workplace efficiency. No task, whether client-facing or simply sifting through emails, should be overlooked–a simple task checklist might sound minute but could save you time and even client relationships in the long run.

Stay tuned for more on this series!


Written by Tyson Doll
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