Merger & Acquisitions

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In addition to short-term strategies, the long game is something to keep in mind as well. We know that years later people will still be searching for the companies you acquired, and we will be there when they do.
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What You Get
  • A master task list that includes more than just changing your signage 
  • A team to monitor and make recommendations on your online listings and reputation management
Competitive Edge
  • A partnership with an agency with expertise in successfully marketing ag mergers and acquisitions
  • The same point person for all tasks needed to successfully market a merger or acquisition

The Merger and Acquisition To-Do List

We know how stressful it is to go through a major reorganization and merger. There are so many items on the to-do list with a real possibility of important tasks getting overlooked. We've successfully marketed eight different mergers and acquisitions and we're ready to help with yours.

Phasing Out the Old Information

Changing out signs and sending out direct mail to announce a merger or acquisition is only a piece of a successful merger and acquisition strategy.

A national study showed it took seven years before 80% of a location’s total customers were aware of a merger and/or name change.

With that in mind, SI EQ created a thorough checklist from location directories all the way to first-party data retargeting to inform customers of a company's new brand.

Our Merger and Acquisition Solutions

You need a strategy that includes a short game and long game solution. You also need a perfect blend of traditional and digital platforms and the messaging experts. Check out our products to see how you can use each one to reach the right audience with the right message.  

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